Barbecue and Grill Accessories

Suit up for summer with all the right tools

The ultimate barbecue chef is always pictured wearing his "Kiss the Cook" apron and thick mitts, but barbecue equipment and grill accessories include a lot more than just fun apparel. There are many important items that you can get for your barbecue that will help you cook safely and efficiently. Some must have accessories include: a barbecue cart, fire extinguishers, and utensils. Don't worry, though; you can still look stylin' when you're grilling that delicious steak.

Of course, no chef is properly dressed without his apron and mitts, but that's not only because he's got to look great. He wears the proper apparel to keep himself safe from hot splatters and rogue flames that may shoot out of the barbecue unexpectedly. He'll also want some great utensils to cook with and a cover to protect his grill when he's all finished.

Suit up and get ready to play with fire:


Barbecue aprons come in two different styles and are made of different materials, depending on the type of cooking you're doing. You won't need to worry about spatters and stains when you're wearing one of these.

Barbecue gloves are important to keep that flaming burger on the end of your tongs as opposed to the end of your fingers. Barbecue mitts are made of flame-retardant material and come in different shapes and sizes.


To protect your barbecue from the sometimes-nasty elements, you'll need a barbecue cover. You've just spent your hard-earned cash on a brand-new shiny barbecue; don't let it fade into your home's stonework, spattered with rust and cobwebs. Barbecues are known to grill longer and better when they're clean and covered. Guard against roaming animals and inclement weather so that you'll be able to cook delicious food for many summers to come.

Barbecue utensils are very important when it comes to barbecuing – after all, you can't use any old cooking fork over intense heat. Utensils, short or long, normally include tongs, spatulas and forks, but there are numerous other tools that you can use to make your grilling experience easier and keep burns off your hands. Plus, utensils make a great gift for the barbecue aficionado in your life.

Impress your family and all your friends with the deft way that you cook on your barbecue. Accessories will not only help you cook better, they'll also keep you safe. That fact will make you extra impressive and keep your cookouts fun this summer.

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