Barbecue Utensils

Don't feel the burn

If you're going to barbecue, it follows that you're not going to do it with your bare hands (unless you're some kind of caveman, and even they probably used a stick to turn the mammoth steak over). Utensils are an important part of the barbecuing process and barbecue utensils are especially made to keep you safe from the flaming meal on the end of your fork.

Barbecue utensils are not like any cooking utensils – they tend to be longer and stronger, made to withstand extremely hot temperatures. They're suited for outdoor use, and when buying a grill utensil set, a consumer would be best to look for a set that's good quality, durable and strong. Barbecue utensils will get a lot of use during the summer, so it's good to buy durable ones that will last you through a lot of cookouts.

Typically, the price for utensils ranges from $10 to $80, depending on quality. A set generally includes these three utensils:

  • Barbecue tongs – normally made with scalloped edges or pronged tips for easy flipping
  • Barbecue forks – two- or three-pronged forks that easily spear meat. Some barbecue forks come with built-in thermometers.
  • Barbecue spatulas – made of non-stick material like Teflon and fashioned to let the grease fall through

Premium barbecue sets may include these other utensils, but normally these are sold separately:

  • Thermometers ($10-$80) – check the cooking status of your meat periodically by inserting the thermometer into the center of the meat. The temperature is instantly displayed.
  • Basting brushes ($5+) – comes with soft bristles for applying sauce or butter to your food
  • Grill brushes ($5+) – for cleaning your grill after use. These have stiff metal bristles to scrub off any leftover detritus from your meal.

Some additional features that may be included in your barbecue utensils are:

  • Rubber grips
  • Aesthetic accents like mahogany or stainless-steel finishes
  • Non-stick nylon
  • Dishwasher safe materials
  • Durable mirrored or brushed stainless-steel
  • Wooden utensils tied leather laces
  • Non-slip grip
  • Extendable handles

Include a set of barbecue utensils with a barbecue apron and barbecue gloves in a great gift for your favorite barbecue chef and you might expect an extra-specially cooked steak for your next barbecued meal.

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