Barbecue Gloves

Keep the flames at your fingertips

If you're skittish about cooking with potentially high flames, or even if you don't mind the heat, barbecue gloves are a great tool for you. These hand protectors keep your flaming food at arm's length and ensure that you won't get burned. Mitts are essential safety accessories for the barbecue chef, seasoned or amateur, and they make a great gift.

Mitts are made of flame-retardant material and are made for right- or left-handed chefs. You don't have to wear a mitten-style mitt if you don't want to; barbecue mitts have recently been made in a glove-style so that your fingers have the freedom to grip and move of their own accord. This makes your job as grill cook a little more convenient, since you don't have to waste time taking mitts on and off. You can reach for utensils, apply sauce and even slice meats with your mitts on. You're also protected from serious burns when you're wearing barbecue mitts. Don't let your cookout turn into an emergency.

Typically, the price of barbecue mitts range from $8 to $30 online. Most are made of fire-retardant cotton, but some other choices include:

  • Leather grilling mitts/gloves – made of soft, supple, flame-resistant material that's also washable
  • Oversized mitts – flame-retardant gloves that cover the entire hand and wrist for extra protection
  • Silicon mitts – strongly-made mitts that protect from direct flame and high temperatures of up to 300 °C/525°F. These mitts are dishwasher-safe and resistant to stains.

If you're looking for a great gift for a loved barbecue aficionado, why not include a quality pair of barbecue mitts with a set of barbecue utensils and a barbecue apron? You can personalize the mitts by monogramming them with the chef's name or favorite team logo or buying them in a colorful matched set with an apron and a chef's hat. Make the barbecue season fun and safe for your favorite barbecue chef - check out the links above for some great choices in barbecue apparel.

Don't forget to check out our other barbecue accessories, including bbq covers. Once you're suited up for the season, you'll be stylish and safe – leaving you free to enjoy the summer with your friends and family.

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