Turn up the heat and hear those steaks sizzle this summer

You know that summer's here when you can smell barbecue on the air. There's nothing like relaxing in the backyard with a juicy steak and a cold can of beer. Barbecuing is the quintessential summer pastime – and to do the job right, an aspiring chef will need a barbecue that will not only grill meat for one summer, but remain a cooking companion for many more.

Barbecues are everywhere, scattered over sales floors all around the country. You can take your barbecue on vacation with you, or build it into a deluxe outdoor kitchen. The sky's the limit when it comes to barbecuing – you've just got to choose one that will suit your cooking needs.

Propane barbecues are the main species of barbecue out there. They come in all different shapes and sizes and include different features, depending on what you want to do. Go big or small – propane barbecues cover it all.

Want to build a barbecue on your patio? If you're a carnivore, this is the grill for you. With the huge cooking area, you can literally roast an ox if you wish. Some say that the flame-broiled taste of food grilled on one of these is so delicious; they'd never go back to conventional barbecuing. Choose brick barbecues and build your grill to suit your backyard décor.

Built in barbecues are the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen. They're easily installed and you can add any kitchen features you want to build a simple barbecue into a great outdoor cooking area. Make your outdoor kitchen look exactly like your real kitchen with weatherproof cabinets and counters, even a stainless-steel sink. You'll never want to come back inside when you can take it outside.

If you're concerned about food safety when you barbecue, your fears will be put to rest with a stainless steel barbecue. These grills stop food-borne viruses in their tracks because the metal has no cracks to harbor germs. Don't worry - you won't be sacrificing taste for safety. Food cooked on a stainless-steel grate is bursting with flavor.

Perhaps you can't afford a regularly-sized barbecue, or you live in a place that won't allow one. Why not try the ancient Eastern art of grill cooking and get a Japanese hibachi? Hibachi are portable barbecues that can cook any kind of food efficiently and quickly.

Smoking is an often-overlooked method of grill cooking, but is just as delicious. Smoked products are easily procured when using barbecue pits or smokers. Learn how to season your food using a number of different wood flavor combinations. You'll be salivating in no time.

Get a head start on the summer season and cook up a storm for your family and friends. Summer parties just aren't complete without a great barbecue!

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