Broil Mate

Get to know Broil Mate gas grills

Broil Mate manufactures a wide range of gas grills, designed to meet the needs of demanding barbecue enthusiasts. Made by the Ontario, Canada-based Onward Manufacturing Company, Broil Mate grills have been a mainstay in backyards throughout North America for decades. Today, the company's line of barbecues totals dozens of different models, from economical entry-level models to elaborate top-of-the-line grills with all the bells and whistles.

An Introduction to Broil Mate Gas Grills

The company's barbecue products are organized into nine different categories:

  • 1150 Series. Featuring large, deep ovens, the 1150 Series of Broil Mate gas grills are excellent choices for convection cooking.
  • 1955 Series. This series is uniquely designed to hold large cuts of meat – perfect for those who entertain large parties on a regular basis.
  • 1550 Series. The ergonomic design and sleek styling of the barbecues and grills in this series offer the flexibility to cook just about any meal, plus precision control over temperatures and settings.
  • 1300 Series. The 1300 Series of Broil Mate barbecues are designed to deliver both performance and good economy; they are the grill of choice for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Crescent Series. Featuring patented grilling technologies, stainless-steel durability and top-of-the-line features, the Crescent Series is among Broil Mate's flagship offerings.
  • GT Pro 1 Series. Offering 700 to 850 square inches in cooking space, the GT Pro 1 Series combines generous grilling areas with stylish design and the utmost in reliability.
  • GT Pro 2 Series. The GT Pro 2 Series is similar to the GT Pro 1 Series, except with stainless steel rather than black trim.
  • 726/736 Series. Built to last, the 726/736 Series offers some of the most dependable features on the market. The four Broil Mate barbecues in this series feature deep, spacious cooking areas and porcelain-coated cast iron grids.
  • Porta-Chef Series. Surprisingly brawny for a portable barbecue, the Porta-Chef Series features 20,000 BTU of cooking power and durable straps for easy transportability.

Find a Broil Mate Retailer

Tracking down a Broil Mate BBQ is easy – the company's website offers complete information on all their grilling products and barbecue accessories. However, if you prefer to shop for your barbecue in person, you'll find official Broil Mate retailers located throughout Canada and the continental United States.

If you're going to shop through a retailer, keep in mind that you should contact the vendor ahead of time if you're interested in a particular model. Availability can vary regionally, so it's best to save yourself some time and effort by making sure the product you're interested in is available you go shopping.

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