Broilmaster premium gas grills

Universally recognized as a leader in the all-purpose grill industry, Broilmaster claims to manufacture "the most durable grill known to man." To back up that claim, they offer a comprehensive warranty that ranks among the most generous in the business. Another unique feature of Broilmaster gas grills is that the company allows you to build your own model if you want to customize your new barbecue.

Standard Broilmaster Premium Gas Grills

The company offers standalone gas barbecues as well as built-in kits and grills for outdoor kitchens. Broilmaster's T-Series and R-Series grills offer an affordable alternative to their beautifully designed but more expensive Premium, Super Premium and Superb series.

Some of the features you can expect to enjoy from Broilmaster gas grills include:

  • Even flame dispersion
  • Reliable push-button igniters
  • Dual-control precision knobs
  • Aluminum grill body castings
  • Built-in stainless steel heat indicators

Many of the exterior components come with a limited lifetime warranty. Depending on the model you prefer, you can also choose to add optional components and accessories for a reasonable upgrade fee. If you're curious about how other consumers feel about the purchases they've made, you can find plenty of Broilmaster gas grill reviews online that will help guide your shopping.

Build Your Own Broilmaster

If you have specific preferences and want to build a custom grill, Broilmaster is happy to accommodate you. To get started, you simply need to select a preference for either propane barbecues or natural gas on the company's website, then proceed to select your mounting, grill heads, front shelves, side shelves and accessories. In each case, you'll be offered a multitude of possibilities; to finalize your custom grill purchase, you'll simply need to call the company or forward your request to a licensed dealer.

While customizing your grill tends to be more expensive than purchasing a standard, preassembled model, you will enjoy more flexibility. It's an ideal solution if you have your heart set on a particular mounting style or grill head but don't want to limit yourself to a pre-manufactured casing or finish style. All Broilmaster grill parts come with the same comprehensive warranty, so you enjoy the same generous coverage whether you buy a standard model or build your own.

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