Built In Barbecues

Make an outdoor kitchen great with a built-in grill

If you're one of those people who take everything outside, then a built-in barbecue as a part of an outdoor kitchen may seem like heaven. The great thing about it is that it's actually attainable – not only rich people get to enjoy cooking all their meals outdoors. (Strange, didn't it used to be only poor people who had to cook outside?) You don't need to have a lot of know-how to build a barbecue into your outdoor kitchen. All you have to do is decide what kind of insert you want to get.

Gas grill inserts are available at most hardware stores. They have all the basic elements of a barbecue, but don't include the cart. More expensive models sometimes come with pre-assembled steel installation hangers included. The price range for these falls between $500 and $3000, depending on quality and features.

If you choose to go with charcoal grill, you can put together a charcoal grill, which comes with a couple of cooking grills and an ash pan, or you can buy a charcoal insert, which will cost you anywhere between $150 and $1000.

The structure for a built-in barbecue is called a grill island. Grill islands come prefabricated in all sizes, with room for anything you'd want in your outdoor kitchen. Grill islands are expensive – they can range from $5000 to $10,000 online – but they are normally delivered and hooked up in about a day, so that you can get cooking right away.

If you want to have a built-in barbecue without a grill island, you can get do-it-yourself instructions from any hardware or home improvement store. Built-in barbecues without grill islands are made from bricks and based on designs from many different home and garden sources like magazines and websites.

To build your outdoor kitchen, follow these steps:

  • Construct your barbecue on a concrete surface, away from hanging roofs and patio furniture
  • Build your barbecue to accommodate your patio's size and décor
  • Build to include storage cabinets, shelves, running water, utensil holders and hooks, trash compartments, lighting options and all kitchen conveniences.
  • Enclose your barbecue to protect it from the elements
  • Choose a position where smoke won't irritate you, your eating area or your neighbors.
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