Charcoal Grills

Char-grill your meat to perfection

Although some barbecue chefs think cooking with gas grills are the way to go, there are others who are grill purists and won't cook with anything other than charcoal. Charcoal is one of the most inexpensive ways to barbecue, and those who love the taste of a perfectly char-grilled steak will appreciate this method of grilling. There is nothing like the taste of a perfectly barbecued steak when you're sitting with good friends.

A charcoal grill is made up of a grill to hold the charcoal, a cooking grate and a ventilated lid to keep the heat in. They come in several different types, including kettle, portable, smoker and full-sized models. The price for charcoal grills online range from $25 for a hibachi to $2000 for a grill/smoker combination. As a rule, they're relatively inexpensive to operate.

When you're shopping for a grill, look for one that is sturdy and well-made. If the legs are wobbly, chances are the grill will fall apart at some point during its use outdoors. This is extremely dangerous. The strongest charcoal grills are made of very strong steel with a baked-on porcelain finish. If you want your grill to be mobile, choose a model with wheels.

Cooking grates on a charcoal grill are made of nickel, porcelain-coated aluminum, cast-iron or stainless-steel. The thicker your grate is, the longer it will stand up to the intense heat from your grill. It will also conduct heat more effectively when it is thicker. A good charcoal grill keeps heat inside while leaving its surface and handles cool enough for you to touch.

Charcoal is a relatively safe way to grill, and is certainly less dangerous than gas, but keep in mind that charcoal releases carbon monoxide, or CO, when it burns. CO is a colorless, odorless gas that is toxic in closed areas. Make sure that you stay safe while barbecuing with charcoal by following these steps:

  • Refrain from burning charcoal in your home, camper or tent, even in well-ventilated areas.
  • Never store a charcoal grill in your home, especially after the coals have recently been burning.

Following these steps will keep you and your family safe from CO poisoning. Make your next cookout your safest one yet and you can concentrate on having a great time this summer.

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