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Grill parts for popular barbecue brands

No matter how well-built or reliable your barbecue may be, you'll eventually need replacement grill parts to fix problems that arise as the result of regular wear and tear. Replacement charcoal and gas grill parts are readily available from the manufacturer of your barbecue; however, you can also shop with third-party retailers for a wider selection of products, including generic replacements that may save you a buck or two. Sunbeam grill parts, for example, are commonly available at general barbecue retailers because of the brand's popularity. Used replacements can save you some money, too, so long as the components are in good working order.

Common Gas and Charbroil Grill Parts You Might Need to Replace

While many people wisely choose to leave grill repair to professionals, you can also do it yourself if you're mechanically inclined and know your barbecue parts. Here's a categorized list of grill parts you should know and understand if you're going to undertake a do-it-yourself repair project:

  • Burners. Found in gas grills, burners are responsible for heat generation and come in a wide variety of configurations. Some of the most common types include H-burners, figure-8 burners, oval burners, pipe burners and table top burners.
  • Cooking grids, grates, racks and plates. This family of grill parts includes both the grids and grates that serve as actual cooking surfaces as well as warming racks. They tend to chip and wear down over time, and buildups of caked-on food particles can be difficult or impossible to remove.
  • Hoses and valves. Hoses, fittings, valves and regulators control the flow of propane into your gas grill, and their proper function is vital both to your safety and your grill's functionality. Note that these parts demand precision installation.
  • Igniters. You can't start a fire without a spark, and you won't get any cooking done if you have a gas grill with a faulty igniter.
  • Control knobs. Over time, control knobs can become miscalibrated, which can result in less-than-optimal results from your cooking efforts. When that happens, you have two choices: use guesswork to hope you're right when you're heating up your grill, or replace them.
  • Rotisseries. If your unit is equipped with a rotisserie, you'll need a full set of replacement parts, including baskets, engine parts, adapters and thermometers.
  • Accessories. As long as you're investing the money to get your barbecue back in shape, you might as well protect that investment by adding some useful accessories. Barbecue and grill covers, cleaning supplies and pads, and proper food handling and serving tools can all help extend the life of your barbecue.

Finding Branded Replacement Grill Parts

Whether you're searching for Kenmore grill parts or Weber grill parts, your best bet is to contact the manufacturer if you're having difficulty locating them through retailers. If you own a grill made by a manufacturer who's since gone out of business or no longer makes barbecues, the Internet is an excellent parts-finding resource.

If possible, though, you're best off buying them through the manufacturer. This way, their quality is assured, and they'll come with a functionality guarantee that protects you in case you get a defective part. You aren't always assured of this when you deal with third-party retailers.

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