Grilled Bananas

Kids love making grilled banana boats at the campsite

Backyard campfires bring back memories of childhood family cookouts. Here are two of my most beloved campfire treats, which can also be prepared over a barbecue grill.

  • Bananas
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Mini marshmallows

To Prepare:

  1. Remove the bananas stem, but leave the peel attached.
  2. Slice the peel of the lengthwise and open it just enough to place the chocolate chips and mini marshmallows inside on top of the banana.
  3. Wrap each banana in a greased tin foil sheet
  4. Roast bananas on a grill over the campfire or barbecue for approximately 2 minutes, or just enough to melt chocolate and the marshmallows.
  5. Unwrap your banana and remove the peel.
  6. Eat as is with a spoon or top with ice cream to make a sundae.

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