Barbecue Grills

Capture the heat of the summer in your new grill

The best times of the summer can be found when you barbecue. Parties and get-togethers thrive on great food. A grill chef knows that you've got to have the right equipment and gas grill accessories for the job in order to impress your friends and neighbors with your grill know-how and your great cooking.

What's the difference between a grill and a barbecue? Some experts say that barbecuing or smoking happens when you cook food in indirect, moist heat that doesn't reach more than 220 degrees F. Grilling means to cook over a flame and can be direct or indirect heat, but the temperatures tend to be higher at around 350 degrees F. Grilling is the more common way of cooking meat outdoors. We use both terms interchangeably on this site in order to cover everything there is to know about barbecues and grills.

Choose from two different types of grills: gas and charcoal.

Gas Grills

Propane gas grills allow you to ignite your flame at the touch of a button and adjust temperature so that your meat is evenly cooked. They're great for cooks who don't want to mess around with charcoal, but there are some safety precautions that need to be taken when using these outdoor gas grills.

If you don't want to deal with propane tanks or messy charcoal, you can buy a built in gas grill, which hooks up to your home's natural gas supply. These grills tend to be quite expensive, but require the least maintenance. You won't have to ever deal with dirty hands and smelly lighter fluid again. Make sure to play it safe, though, and learn how to use your natural gas grill correctly. Ask a licensed dealer for more information.

Charcoal Grills

For those chefs who want to stick to delicious, smoky-flavored char-grilled meat, charcoal grills are the right choice. Charcoal is safer and less expensive than gas, because it doesn't require any complicated hookups or careful monitoring. Simply put a bag in your grill, add some lighter fluid and you're on fire. Charcoal will be easier on your budget and safer for your family.

Remember, when looking and comparing gas grills for sale, there are several steps that you should take before making your final choice.

Portable Gas Grills

Want to take your grill with you on a trip or have it as a permanent outdoor fixture? Portable gas grills and outdoor grills are great ways to have the ability to barbecue wherever you go. Summer vacations aren't the same without a camping grill. Learn about the two types of portable grills and make your decision as to which one is best for you. Outdoor grill safety is important to everyone, so remember to be careful when you're cooking.

Turn up the heat this summer and get ready to wow your friends and neighbors with your grill savoir faire. Long live the grill!

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