Hibachi Grills

Grilling the Japanese way

So you want to barbecue this summer, but you live in an apartment with a strict fire code. You've got that big camping trip with the guys planned, but beer just doesn't taste good without a nice grilled steak to go with it. Stuck for options? Why not try a hibachi grill? Hibachi is Japanese for "fire bowl" and is basically a high-powered grill in miniature. You can cook whatever you want efficiently on a hibachi – the only thing this grill can't do is cook a lot of food at once.

Hibachis, although they are associated with the Japanese culture, actually originated in China as small braziers for heating noble homes. In North America , hibachi means a small cooking grill that's extremely portable. Hibachi-style cooking refers to hot plates built-into metal cooking sheets. You've probably seen this style of cooking before if you've ever gone to the restaurant Benihana.

Hibachis come in different sizes and shapes, and can cost anywhere from $30 to $500. If you're planning to take your hibachi camping, don't get a cheap model. These are mostly made of aluminum and easily rust in damp conditions. Instead, invest in a good cast-iron model that will last you many camping seasons.

What can you cook on a hibachi? The average grill's surface can accommodate burgers for a small gathering, a fish filet or a steak. Its direct-cooking method is great for grilling small items like kebabs or meat patties. Hibachis come in different sizes and include extra adjustable racks if you find that your cooking is limited by the grill surface.

You can use propane or charcoal to fuel your hibachi, depending on what type it is. If you have a charcoal hibachi, you can adjust the temperature on the grill surface by moving the coals around to create hotter and cooler areas. This is great if you're trying to keep something warm while cooking on the hotter areas.

Safely cook on your hibachi grill and prevent accidents by:

  • Placing the grill on a sturdy surface
  • Staying clear of trees, tents or hanging objects.
  • Being careful not to knock the hibachi over.
  • Having a bucket of water on hand for uncontrollable fires.
  • Not wearing loose clothing while cooking

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