Holland Grills

The most durable grills on the market

If you're tired of burned food, you might be surprised to learn that it may not the cook's fault that you're not happy. A grill that doesn't work properly and creates dangerous flare-ups is often the reason food is left burned and tasteless. Holland Grills manufactures a line of barbecue products that offers safe, careful cooking; choose a Holland and you'll never have to complain about substandard food again.

Holland Grills offers some of the most durable stainless-steel and heavy-gauge aluminized metal propane barbecues and natural gas grills on the market. Their warranties are comprehensive in the industry, so you'll never have to worry about equipment malfunctions or breakdowns. If you're worried about the price of such a great grill, don't be – not only are Holland Grills some of the best-built products on the market, they're also among the most affordable.

The company also offers a comprehensive selection of barbecue and grill accessories. There's no better way to complement your new propane or natural gas grill than by adding a full array of cooking and maintenance products specifically designed by the same manufacturer. Some of the unique Holland accessories you can choose from include:

  • Quick-disconnect hoses
  • Wood chip trays
  • Built-in double doors, side brackets and side burners
  • Conversion hoses
  • Manufacturer's cleaning kit
  • Igniter replacement kit
  • Roasting pots
  • Cart kits

Not sure which grill or barbecue you want? Here are some of the many grills Holland has to offer:

  • The Apex. Comes with stainless steel casing, an easy-lifting handle bar, side shelves, front cabinet with utensil storage, grill thermometer, and a woodchip drawer for smoking your meat.
  • The Companion Gas. This small portable grill is made of stainless steel, uses a 1-lb disposable gas tank (but can use larger tanks) and has 212 square inches of grilling surface. Great for picnics!
  • The Heritage Plus. This grill doesn't have the cabinet featured in the Apex, but is the same size and can still support a propane tank on its wheel base. Features easy lighting with a rotary spark lighter, two-wheel cart design and side shelving.

Enjoy summer in your outdoor kitchen with a brand-new, warrantied Holland grill and you won't have to worry about anything else for many summers to come.

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