Barbecue and Grill Manufacturers

Your product guide to great barbecues and grills

You're in the neighborhood for a new barbecue, but the choices are overwhelming. Who makes the best grill? Who has the best warranty options, and are there dealers in your area? It almost seems as if buying a new barbecue is more trouble than it's worth. Isn't the experience of getting something new supposed to be fun? Never fear – all of your barbecue and grill answers are right here.

If you're looking for a new barbecue, or even if you're just curious as to what's out there, you're probably interested in the options available for purchase. It can be a confusing search - there are many different barbecues and grills in the big box stores and it can be hard to figure out who makes the best one for your needs. Everyone wants a good quality product that will last through years of cookouts. has compiled a list of barbecue and grill manufacturers to choose from. We've provided you with a quick history of the company, their top grills and in some cases, customer reviews that will help you make that sometimes-difficult decision. is in no way affiliated with any manufacturer on this site – we have no contact information for any company listed here, nor do we recommend any product over another. This site is simply meant as an informational guide only, so we hope it will help you to make a decision when it comes time to buy that new barbecue. You'll find honest critiques here since we don't sell any barbecues or grills. If you're interested in buying a barbecue online, you can always click on one of the links above for more information.

We feature several barbecue and grill manufacturers on this site including Weber Grills, Holland Grills, Brinkmann Grills, Coleman Grills, Ducane Grills, Sunbeam Grills and Viking Grills. Our manufacturer section does not include specific prices for the products listed, but rather a range so that you know approximately how much you'll be spending for each product. We've done our research to find you the most recent information on the products listed here.

Take the hassle out of buying a new barbecue and let our information on manufacturers help you make your choice.

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