Outdoor Fireplaces

Come on baby, light my fire

Many barbecue chefs are content with using a barbecue or grill to do their outdoor cooking, but there are a select few who would prefer to cook the old fashioned way – over an open fire under the stars. Why bother using a grill when you can plop a grate over some dancing flames and broil that steak to perfection? Sitting around your own firepit is a wonderful way to entertain guests and visit with old friends. The best stories and songs were performed and told around the fire; plus, the food you can cook over it is pretty delicious, too.

You can choose from two different types of outdoor fireplaces: firepits and hearths.


Firepits come in many different styles, but there are four main styles discussed on this site. They include chimineas, cast-iron fireplaces, Cooper fire bowls and grated cylinders. All of these options come in different, shapes, sizes and styles. You can get a firepit to match any garden décor you already have. They can blend in with any patio décor or they can be freestanding, separate from the patio. Make sure to check with your city's municipal bylaws to make sure that a firepit is legal in your community.


Why not take your indoor fireplace outside? That is essentially what outdoor hearths are. They can be used year-round and provide an interesting conversation piece when having a cookout with your friends and family. Hearths are easily converted to grills so that you can have your cookouts in front of a roaring fire, in the snow if you wish! Often these grills come with utensils included.

Start your own tradition with an outdoor fireplace and have a gathering place for years to come!

Don't forget to check out our page on barbecue recipes – you might find a great idea for your cookout on your outdoor fireplace! If you find a way to make any of our posted recipes better, or want to submit your favorite barbecue and grill recipes, let us know by dropping us a line at editor@barbecuesandgrills.com .

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