Stainless Steel Barbecues

Grill the germs away

If you've ever had food poisoning, it's an experience you'd probably rather forget. Barbecuing food is a great way to minimize the risk of food-borne bacteria and viruses, but grills are never really clean if the metal is prone to cracks where germs can hide. Stainless-steel barbecues are constructed to keep you and your family safe from food poisoning without sacrificing flavor and quality.

Stainless-steel is made up of a mix of chromium, iron and metal alloys. These can include nickel, molybdenum, titanium and copper. The material is extremely durable and will last through many summers of grilling. A stainless-steel barbecue can actually have a life expectancy of up to 100 years – much longer-lasting than any other barbecue. You'll be paying more upfront ($200 for portable gas grills, up to $8000 for deluxe models) but you'll probably appreciate not having to pay out repair costs over the years of barbecue use.

Stainless-steel barbecues have many benefits:

  • Taste – stainless-steel doesn't affect the flavor of food. In fact, it may enhance it.
  • Very hygienic – you won't have to worry about your meat not being sanitary. Stainless-steel grills have an extremely hygienic cooking surface – so much so that hospitals, restaurants and food processing facilities all use stainless-steel to cook their food.
  • Environmental – stainless-steel is 100% recyclable.
  • Lightweight – stainless-steel is so strong; it can be used in smaller amounts to reduce the weight of your grill while being just as resilient as a cast-iron barbecue.
  • Aesthetics – stainless-steel gives your barbecue a more stream-lined, fashionable look to complement your patio décor. Stainless-steel barbecues come in two finishes: brushed or matte polish, or mirrored, which is a shiny polish.
  • Easy maintenance – stainless-steel barbecues are easily cleaned and are dent-resistant for a better-looking and cooking barbecue for many years to come.
  • Strength – stainless-steel maintains its strength at very high and low temperatures without cracking.

If you are going to buy a stainless-steel grill, a good accessory to get is a good-quality barbecue cover. Stainless-steel is easily cleaned and very durable, but it will rust if it's left out in the rain. Take care of your investment and make sure it's protected from the elements so that you can enjoy years of great cookouts.

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