Sunbeam Grills

Sunbeam grill parts: where do you get them?

So you have a Sunbeam barbecue, but mysteriously, there's no information about it at all, nor have you seen any new Sunbeam grills come out for years now. Has Sunbeam disappeared completely? What about your grill?

Well, you're not going crazy – Sunbeam stopped making barbecues and grills in March of 2003. However, you're in luck – there are parts for Sunbeam grills available through online retailers, so you're not left completely without a flame. Many websites sell thousands of parts for different models, so chances are you'll be able to find what you need.

So now that you know there's hope for your grill, how do you get your hands on those parts?

Model Numbers

The best way to find the grill parts you need is to search for your grill's model number, which can be found on the barbecue itself or in the user manual. Sunbeam sometimes adds suffixes to the main model number, in order to distinguish whether your grill is a natural gas grill or LP or whether it has a post, cart or pedestal mount. Sometimes they also add a few letters to indicate color, like BLK for black. Search for everything you see on your manual or barbecue for the best results.

Specific Parts

If you can't find your model number, don't worry – you can search for a specific part. Some websites have databases that are made up of only Sunbeam grill parts – this ensures that you're not searching for something made by Coleman or Weber. If you're not sure what you're looking for, you can always try to search for something like "Sunbeam burners" or "Sunbeam warming racks" in a search engine. This method will bring up sites that will carry these items available for online purchase, and stores in your area that you can go to get these parts.

User Manuals

Sunbeam's grill website offers user manuals for download, as well as a service locator for parts and service centers so that you can get your barbecue fixed. You'll also find information on how to care for your Sunbeam grill as well as several contact methods for the company.

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